How doubled revenue from social media ads in 7 months

"You guys make dynamic advertising more attractive. We get ROAS of 12 on the Adflow campaigns."

From side hustle to international success

Best friends and gadget lovers Bart, Jan Willem, and Jeffrey started and in 2014. What began as a side hustle grew into something much more significant: 30 employees and hundreds of smartwatch gadgets sold daily.

Amber Martis, Social Media Marketer at marketing agency Online ID, is helping with their ambitious plans to conquer Europe. Due to good results, she has doubled her spending on social media in the past seven months.

Let's find out how👇

The growth strategy

Online ID bases its strategy on the Customer Journey. At each stage, they use different campaigns: Reach, Traffic, View Content, Page Likes, Conversion, and Remarketing.

Reach and Traffic campaigns
Amber: “We start with reach campaigns. In these, we introduce customers to the brand”.

Amber uses videos and images in different formats at this stage. The focus is not yet on sales.

Conversion and Remarketing campaigns:
After people have visited the website, the focus shifts to conversion: “For Conversion campaigns, we use carousels to show multiple products. Usually, I use both a manual and a catalog carousel.”

This strategy ran well, but Amber didn't like how Dynamic Ads looked: “You want your ads to look stunning, but Facebook gives you limited options.”

Testing with catalog ads

Amber's colleague discovered Adflow.

With Adflow, Amber can now quickly test different designs on all 900+ products from These products are linked to Adflow via a product feed.

In the first few weeks of testing, Amber could not find a clear winner: “The ads had about the same return on investment (ROAS).” Amber decided to run the test a little longer to collect more data.

After two months, the winner was abundantly clear:

Variant 🅰️ : Return on ad spend: 8x | Cost per purchase: €2.30
Variant 🅱️ : Return on ad spend: 12x ️| Cost per purchase: €1.70

Over two months, the winning design provided a return on ad spend increase of 50% and a decrease in cost per purchase of 26% 🚀.

How Amber cleverly personalizes ads

After the testing period, Amber further implemented the winning design into her ad strategy.

She wanted to make her prospecting campaigns even more personalized by cleverly catering to different smartwatch brands. For example, she broke down ads with a collection of bands of:

👉 Apple Watch
👉 Fitbit
👉 Samsung Watch

“This works super well. We compared it to ad sets that also ran old catalogs without formatting; you can see that the Adflow campaigns perform much better.”

Accelerate Growth would like to continue to grow, and Online ID knows how to make that happen:

👉 Further creative testing
👉 Scaling up ad spend
👉 Expanding social channels

Amber: “If we can grow, I'm allowed to increase ad budget. We have been able to double ad spending over the past seven months because we are meeting our ROAS goals and see room to grow.

Amber is also expanding social channels. She advertises on Snapchat and now uses Adflow to create catalog ads for Pinterest easily:

“You make Dynamic Advertising more attractive”

Since Adflow, Amber has started using more catalog campaigns in her strategy: “You can get more sales out of it because you'd rather see a nicely formatted ad than a boring product on a white background.”

Amber likes that she can now test with a new catalog design so quickly: “You just set a different template, and then it's all automatically synchronized with Facebook. That's it.”

Amber also likes the cooperation with Adflow: “You guys take the initiative, know a lot about the Meta environment, and are eager to help us.”

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