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Adflow is a technology company for online retailers and their agencies. We're here to help you create profitable Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest ad creatives easily.

Meet the team 🦸

We are headquartered in The Netherlands (Arnhem).

Max Lamers
Digital Designer
Nicky Romeijn
Lowie Schepers
Juul Schepers

Our story 🗺️

In 2014, Juul, Lowie (brothers) and Nicky (friend) founded an online printing business during their studies.

Building our first e-com store (2014)

At the end of our studies we had helped 1000+ customers. But we also realized that this business might not be the best choice in the long run.

Then a light bulb went off💡. Could we build a tool to create better ads, faster?

But to execute this idea, we thought we needed money.

So, we sold our printing business, found investors and founded in 2017

Founding Adflow (2017)

Things turned out differently than we expected...

As fresh graduates, we lacked experience in digital advertising and failed to build a successful product 4 times. We burned all the invested money and were on the verge of bankruptcy.

In 2019, we finally realized that we needed to focus more on solving real business problems and less on building a product.

We found that franchise and dealership businesses struggled to create relevant local ads. We successfully pitched our idea to Renault and started building the solution.

Then we found other large clients like Michelin, Bihr, Vakgarage and Euretco.

Just as we were gaining momentum, the COVID-19 pandemic hit. Local branches were closing, making it difficult to sell our solution.

But we noticed a silver lining – e-commerce was booming, and they too were struggling to create relevant ads. So we got to work, retreating to a cottage to develop a solution for improving your Dynamic Product Ads.

The new was born (2020).

Now, things are really starting to work out. Hundreds of brands and agencies from all over Europa are using Adflow, and we're growing our team.

Far from finished with our mission to help marketers create better ads, faster.