How O'Neill created their best sale campaign ever on Meta

“We have achieved such a high performance, surpassing any previous sales campaign.”

Inventors of the wetsuit

Jack O'Neill revolutionized cold-water surfing by inventing the first neoprene wetsuit in the 1950s. He began his company, O'Neill, in his San Francisco garage, which has since become the most renowned surf brand in the world.

Teun Hogervorst, online marketer at O'Neill, is responsible for growth in Europe.

This is how he ran their best sale campaign ever on Meta👇

How it started

Before Adflow, O'Neill ran regular Dynamic Product Ads during sale campaigns.

Although the ads ran reasonably well, the results were not sufficient to really scale the campaigns.

Teun also struggled with:

👉 Manually adjusting product feed images to fit specific dimensions.
👉 Inconsistencies in product feed backgrounds.
👉 The attractiveness of their Dynamic Product Ads.

O'Neill was searching for a way to fix these problems, and ultimately improve CTR and ROAS.

Improving Catalog Creatives

On recommendation from their partnering agency IWB, O’Neill turned to Adflow.

O'Neill started testing during their Summer sale campaign, allowing them to showcase discounts and campaigns more effectively in their dynamic ads.

Teun conducted an A/B test comparing a regular catalog campaign to an enhanced one.

During this test, ROAS, CTR, and conversions significantly increased. The enhanced catalogs were scaled up substantially as a result.

"We have achieved such a high performance, surpassing any previous sales campaign."

Teun set up a second A/B test to see if the positive results would carry over to non-sale periods.

"The significance of results from all tests convinced us that Adflow is a good addition to scale our Social Advertising. Different attribution models justify it with strong results."

In addition, Teun enjoyed other advantages:

Reducing the learning phase: "My favorite part of using Adflow is how you can change your feed designs without republishing the ads, which saves you a lot of time and money by skipping the learning phase over and over again."

Quick setup: "It's super easy to set up Adflow. It took a few minutes to integrate our catalog, and we were ready to go. Next to that, it was also easy to create a template that suits our brand and get that up and running in a matter of a few hours."

Key to scaling

Meta has become much more scalable for O'Neill thanks to the Adflow campaigns.

"It took us a while to be convinced that Adflow can deliver such a good performance. We were offered to use Adflow since 2022, but we finally understood the impact. People underestimate the power of Social Advertising, but with these results, it is prominent that Adflow is the key solution to scaling."

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