Casual Lads tested with DPA creatives and achieved 156% higher ROAS

“The results are much better. That’s when you witness the importance of creative testing with your catalog.”

British Casual clothing in the Netherlands

Casual Lads is a Dutch fashion webshop for typical British casual brands, and they were the first webshop to bring some top brands to the Netherlands. Meanwhile, Casual Lads is growing fast in the rest of Europe and delivers worldwide.

Rick Maarssen is Online Marketer at marketing agency Brandmerck. They help Casual Lads grow through social media ads.

How can we improve performance?

Creative testing is crucial if you want to achieve better ad performance. Rick is very aware of that: "We like testing and try to do it as much as possible for every client."

Rick had already seen better results from adding design to Casual Lads' Dynamic Product Ads. Rick still questioned: "can we further improve performance by testing different templates?"

A/B/C Testing with Automation

Rick set up an experiment to answer his question. In this experiment, Rick tested three different dynamic templates. "We tested three creatives and showed them to the same audience for 30 days." Says Rick.

Casual Lads has about a thousand products in its range. Manually creating these personalized ads with three different templates would have been impossible.

With Adflow's image templates, Rick could easily create a thousand personalized ads in three variations. "When I started setting up different tests, I was worried that this would take a lot of work. But I did it in no time."

Casual lads approached a broad audience of people who had not yet visited Casual Lads' website. Facebook's algorithms determine which of the thousands of products Casual Lads offers are relevant based on the behavior on other websites and Facebook itself.

"The result was impressive!"

After 30 days, Brandmerck measured significant differences. Variant B had the lowest cost per purchase and the highest Return on Ad Spend (ROAS).

Rick used these insights to optimize his campaigns. "After the split test, we implemented the winning design in all running campaigns. The result was impressive! On average, we see an improvement in ROAS of about 156%."

More and more catalogs

In Rick's advertising strategy, catalogs play an increasingly important role: "Since Adflow, we use catalogs more often. The performance is good, and the catalogs look nice. We included the offer, brand logo, and a clean design."

"Before Adflow, I could not test with my catalog creative at all."

For Rick, using design makes catalogs more suitable for prospecting and retargeting: We have many more options to put a message in your ads. We can show Unique Selling Points, our client's Trustpilot score, and it's all created automatically."

Peace of mind and confidence

Before Brandmerck started working with Adflow, they doubted whether Adflow would be something for them. That has since changed:

"Adflow gives us peace of mind and confidence. That may sound crazy, but now we know that our clients' ads always perform well and look great."

In addition, Rick has managed to optimize his workflow:

"If I have a summer campaign, Adflow has already automatically implemented all the offers in our creatives. All I have to do is create a product set within Facebook and publish new ads."

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