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eBook Converting Catalog

96% of online stores don't use design in their catalog campaigns.

This while 56% of the success of a campaign depends on the creatives you use. Testing catalog creatives is the biggest opportunity for online shops that want to increase ROAS and distinguish themselves from the competition. Especially when you consider that, on Facebook alone, 50% of the e-commerce ad spend goes to Dynamic Product Ads (DPA). Globally around $10 billion (2020).
This eBook is written for novice and advanced Social Advertisers who:
  • Are responsible for the growth of an ambitious e-commerce brand
  • Have an advertising budget of €25 to €5,000 per day
  • Want to learn from top dutch webshops
  • Want to get more revenue from Dynamic Product Ads
This free eBook contains:
  • A 60-page eBook (PDF) with techniques and explanations for higher ROAS that you can also apply to your DPA campaigns
  • 1 PRO TIP for even better results
  • 25 practical examples of how leading Dutch webshops use DPA successfully
  • Three detailed practical cases of a shop where the ROAS went sky high

Make better Facebook & Pinterest shopping ads