Seats and Sofas change the theme of their Shopping campaigns every week with Adflow.

"Adflow is my ideal content creator because it saves me several hours weekly."

At Seats and Sofas

Seats and Sofa is a European specialist in seating. Thanks to their unique Giant Take Away formula, you don't always have to wait weeks for your new sofa set; you can take it home straight from stock.

Seats and Sofas work with weekly changing promotions, so the marketing team had to create dozens of product advertisements weekly. Even worse, they had to do it for four countries: the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, and France.

Marketer Marcel Verveer's goal was to automate the creation of social ads as much as possible.

Automate social advertising

Seats and Sofas use catalog ads to promote all sofas. Prices and promotions are essential for Seats and Sofas, so a standard catalog without an overlay is insufficient.

Before Adflow, Marcel and his team manually created a product ad for each Sofa.

It was error-prone and time-consuming.

"We change themes weekly, and I had to apply the new theme and pricing to our product images weekly. It was error-prone and time-consuming."

"I had a hundred-page document with all our different sofas, their prices, and which ones were on sale that week. I had to export each product image in the new theme for four countries..."

Easy switching between themes

The goal of Seats and Sofas was to make it easier to change themes by automating design work. The solution also had to reduce the likelihood of mispricing.

With Adflow, all product images of Seats and Sofas are automatically generated based on the linked product feed. Marcel now only needs to create one template for the week's theme, and Adflow takes care of price changes and expansions to the product range.

"When I heard about Adflow, I was instantly enthusiastic. Adflow is my ideal content creator because it saves me several hours weekly. The interface is good, and so is the support."

Previously, I was doing repetitive tasks in InDesign. I had a database with all my images, and I had to create and export creatives manually. Now, it's all is done automatically."

Upcoming challenges

Seats and Sofas want to keep improving their social advertising.

"Next year, we want to work with two feeds: one with packshots and one with lifestyle images. These different image types will allow us to appeal to slightly different people. We also want to start generating videos automatically, making Adflow even more attractive for us."

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