Here's how Podobrace achieved 126% higher ROAS from Dynamic Product Ads

"The unique thing about Adflow is it automatically updates the design of all products, so you're creating a dynamic feed."

2.5 million customers

Podobrace is an online store for medical devices and (sports-related) support products. They are the market leader in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany. The family business has been ready for customers for over ten years with a warehouse of 10,000 m² and approximately one million orders in 15 countries annually.

Richelle Steur is a Social Media Specialist at marketing agency Dunion and manages all Social Advertising for Podobrace.

It didn't look attractive at all

Podobrace did not like how their Dynamic Product Ads looked.

"Before Adflow, we used product ads with a white background, which I thought could be greatly improved. It looked too simple and not attractive, partly because we promote medical products."

As a solution, Richelle temporarily tried designing ads manually.

"I tried to make the ads more appealing by setting up a manual carousel for some products. I created the design in Photoshop and Canva."

This approach also posed problems due to varying prices at Podobrace:

"Prices often change in our webshop, so I had to adjust the creatives of well-performing campaigns. When you manually adjust the creative, your campaign re-enters the learning phase and loses the good flow. That's why I stopped using  manually created ads pretty quickly."

Automatically adjusting prices in your design

When Richelle heard about Adflow, she wondered: "Would this be yet another marketing tool?" After a demo, she got excited and got to work.

"The unique thing about Adflow is it automatically updates the design of all products, so you're creating a dynamic feed. I've seen tools before that allows you to apply a design for your products quickly, but not that it works automatically for your dynamic ads."

Richelle is using Adflow to add a clean design to Podobrace's Dynamic Product Ads in the Netherlands, Germany and the UK.

"There was still branding missing in the carousel ads. You want to stand out among all the posts someone already sees on Facebook or Instagram. If you see a boring brace, you scroll past it very quickly. Especially with a design like that that you can create in Adflow, you make sure it stands out."

How Podobrace tests creatives for higher ROAS

Richelle has been working with Adflow for six months and has extensively tested the software. She tried different templates to see what works best for Podobrace.

Richelle's first creative test was not an immediate success. "First, we had a catalog overlay with too much fuss, which worked even worse than a catalog with no overlay. We got tips from Adflow to make our template better."

The second template immediately boosted the results; it scored 126% higher ROAS than the catalog without an overlay. Richelle: "We achieved ROAS of 8.51! The click-through rate was also higher, and the cost per purchase was lower. It was the desired result for us."

"After our second test, I ran another creative test. With and without overlay, same target audience and budget." In this third test, the ROAS of the campaign with the overlay was 40% higher than the campaign without overlay.

No more manual work

Because of Adflow, Richelle and her team no longer have to create product ads manually. It leaves them time for other things: "Now we have the time to do more with video."

Richelle likes the collaboration with Adflow. "The support is fast, and the live chat works very pleasantly. If you can't work it out technically, Adflow has the knowledge to help you. I'm not alone on this."

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