Motorparts-online achieved ROAS of 47x with dynamic video

"We improved our ROAS 581% with dynamic video ads from Adflow."

215,000 unique parts is a specialist in selling both new and used motorcycle parts online. The assortment comprises more than 215,000 unique parts, and sells them in over 50 countries.


Realizing profitable social ads is a challenge for Motorparts. Video provides a higher return on investment, but manually creating relevant videos is impossible due to the vast and constantly changing product range.

Automating social video ads

With Adflow's Dynamic Video Retargeting, has automated its social video ads scalable. The ads reflect the engine type and the parts a visitor has viewed on This personalized way of advertising resulted in 581% more revenue from the Facebook marketing budget and a return on ad spend of no less than 4.755%!

Video ads

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