Robin got +321% more revenue from Meta Shopping for his client

"If you take yourself a little seriously as a webshop, your catalog should look sleek."

Facebook Ads agency for E-commerce

Amsterdam-based agency MBU Social helps webshops from the Netherlands and Belgium grow and scale via Facebook and Instagram Ads.

As he says, Facebook Ads specialist Robin is an absolute e-commerce junk. "I started my first webshop at 18. Fourteen years later, I still read e-commerce blogs on the toilet, for example."

"Together with my team, I help e-commerce companies get more relevant visitors who buy more. We do this by setting up smart ads and funnels."

Catalog Ads

MBU has used Catalog Ads on Facebook and Instagram for its e-commerce clients for years. According to Robin, they should not be missing from your strategy:

"Catalog ads may sound boring, but we get the highest ROAS from them for many clients. Most people think they are only good for retargeting, and that's a shame because they can also perform very well in the top funnel (ed. for acquiring new customers)."

To make the boring standard catalog ads with a white background sexy, MBU uses Adflow's Catalog Editor.

"If you take yourself a bit seriously as a webshop, your catalog should look sleek. Not like I still see a lot with those weird cut-off products. Also, on Instagram, it just has to look sleek, which doesn't work with Facebook overlays."

3x ROAS for a fashion client

"Some of our clients were unsure if a catalog with branding was worth it and if it would also perform better."

Robin ran an A/B test to properly compare the difference in the performance of a branded and unbranded catalog. These were his results:

"For one of my fashion clients, I did a test with Adflow where the ROAS just went x3! I now use Adflow's tool for all my clients."

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