Julia creates dozens of social videos per week with dynamic videos for Bihr dealers

"What I previously had to do one by one is now accomplished with the click of a button."

The largest distributor in Europe

Bihr is Europe's largest distributor of parts, accessories, tires, and clothing for motorcycles, quads/ATVs, and scooters. Bihr operates in more than 14 countries.

Become the market leader in the Netherlands

Bihr is the market leader in several European countries and now wants to conquer the Dutch market. Through their dealer network, Bihr intends to work on the brand awareness of Bihr and the brands they jointly carry. Bihr has established a new retail program in which dealers can participate. Part of this program is to provide social media support, and Bihr would like to help dealers through video creation.

"It is crucial to us that we personalize the videos per dealer. These videos create online visibility per dealer with their local logo and recognition. This way, we can convince dealers of social media's added value. The only question we had was: how can we arrange this as efficiently as possible?"

Local Dealer Videos

With Hyperlocal Advertising from Adflow, Bihr automated the production of dealer videos.

"With Adflow, one button press creates ten videos with a certain theme, but it's personalized per dealer. What I otherwise had to do one by one is now accomplished with the click of a button."

"The scalability of Adflow is desirable to us. You can create one personalized video for one dealer but almost as easily create fifty personalized videos for fifty dealers. That has a lot of added value for us. We can also use Adflow if we go international later on. So we create fifty French videos at the push of a button."

Doubling in connected dealers

The dealer videos have helped to connect dealers to Bihr's retail program. Within months, affiliated dealers doubled.

"The demand for our retail program is growing using the Adflow videos. Dealers are approaching us instead of the other way around, which is very cool!"

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