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5 Actual Useful Ways to Use AI to Improve Your Facebook Ad Creatives

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Sam Altman predicts that AI will replace 95% of creative marketing work in five years. He says AI will test creative ideas against real or synthetic customer focus groups, predict results, and optimize instantly. Images, videos, campaign ideas? No problem.

That’s a bold statement, Sam.

But remember when you had to create audiences and optimize campaigns manually? Meta has automated much of that.

So, is the creative side also going away? Not exactly. The key is to use AI to enhance your creativity, not replace it.

If your AI-created ads disappointed, you weren’t alone. “Garbage in, garbage out” still applies. But if you ignore AI now, you’re falling behind.

Here are 5 useful ways to use AI for your Facebook ad creatives in eCommerce.


1. Create a Usable First Campaign Draft

Staring at a blank canvas sucks. AI can help you get started.

  • Feed it your images, videos, and concepts.
  • Generate a first draft of your ad campaign.
  • Iterate and refine from this starting point.


2. Iterate Based on Your First Draft

AI is great at making variations. Once you have a basic ad, AI can help you create multiple versions.

  • Create multiple versions of your ad.
  • Test different types of ads and messages.
  • Find what resonates with your audience.


3. Create Ad Variants and Find New Winning Ads

Your path to winning creative is strengthened when you make big swings and test different types of ads.

  • Test big swings and different ad types.
  • Move on from failing messages quickly.
  • Find concepts that unlock scale.


4. Translate Ads

Reaching a global audience? AI can translate your ads into different languages quickly and accurately.

  • Expand your reach with accurate translations.
  • Make your ads accessible to a broader audience.


‍Create Ad Copy and Voiceovers

AI tools can generate compelling ad copy and even create voiceovers for your video ads.

  • Save time with AI-generated ad copy.
  • Enhance video ads with AI voiceovers.



Bonus: Creating Assets

Tools like Midjourney can help you create high-quality images and videos for your ads.

  • Generate unique assets with AI tools.
  • Give your ads a fresh look.



While AI might not replace all creative marketing work just yet, it’s smart to start adopting it where it’s effective today. These AI tools can help you get started, iterate, and refine your Facebook ad creatives, making your campaigns more efficient and impactful.


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