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How to double your results with in hand videos

If you sell products that fit in your hand, try this to 2x your results

Struggling to create compelling ads for compact products?

This simple trick could potentially double your advertising results.

I found that a simple video of you holding your product can make a big difference in performance compared to using static ads.

Our experience

In-hand videos work beyond e-commerce. I’ve even tried it for our own B2B e-book ads.

We were running static ads that were performing “okay.”

I wanted to see what in-hand video ads would do to our performance. So, I printed the e-book and made a short video while browsing it.

The in-hand video ads gave me twice as many leads for the same budget!

All it took was just a few minutes of recording with my phone.

In-hand shots are effective because they grab attention, feel authentic, show the product’s quality, and make it feel like you’re holding it.

How to create your first in-hand videos

Creating in-hand videos is simpler than you might think. All you need is your smartphone. Here's how anyone can make great video clips.

Use sunlight

Your product looks better in natural light. When you are at home, record near a window to make your product shine.

Add movement

Add energy to your clips with quick movements. For instance, you could toss a pair of jeans onto a table.

Or swiftly bring the product closer to your camera to create an exciting effect.

Focus on Details

Use close-up shots to highlight the unique features of your product.

Choose an interesting background

Choose a background that complements your product. For example, shooting a running shoe on a trail or showing a luxury watch in a car can improve your product's appeal.

Unbox your product

Film the unboxing process. It gives viewers a firsthand look at what to expect when they receive the product.

Give a product demo

Build trust by showing your product in action. For example, apply body lotion to your hands.

Now it’s your turn.

Grab your phone, find a comfortable spot, and start recording. You can make videos that will improve your results with a little effort.

Need a little help turning those clips into polished ads? Consider trying Adflow's new AI tool, which can transform your raw clips and images into high-performing video ads within minutes.

Try it yourself.

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