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My first test with AI video ads

Can I make 8 winning video ads before my morning coffee gets cold?

Today, after months of hard work from the team, I finally had the chance to test our new AI tool.

The tool should be able to create winning video ads in minutes by using the latest AI technologies. At least, that's why we tried to create it…

But can it deliver on that promise?

I want to give you an honest view of what it can and cannot do. So, I thought it would be fun to set a challenge:

Can I make eight winning video ads before my morning coffee gets cold?

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The Challenge:

I chose Therabody, a company selling massage guns, for a test campaign. I wanted to create social proof video ads for one of their top massage guns, the Theragun Pro.

Why social proof ads?

This winning ad format uses customers' words to persuade new customers.

Why create a total of 8 ads?

Following Meta's best practices, I'm creating four ad variants in story and square formats, totaling eight unique ads.

Let the challenge begin!

Step 1: Gathering Assets

First, I must gather my assets to turn into a video ad.

I couldn't access Therabody's videos and was short on time, so I extracted images from our landing page in Adflow.

fetching images

The tool took around 1 minute to find 25 images on my product page.

The landing page also included pictures of other products, so I'm deleting them before moving on.

Fetched images

Step 2: Giving the AI some context

The next step is to give the AI a goal, language, and ad description.

I went to the landing page and copied three testimonials.

AI briefing

Step 3: The Magic

It's time to hit generate.

Generating Ads

The tool took a minute to generate eight different ad versions. It gave some decent options, but I wanted more options, so I hit generate again.

Now, I have 16 versions.

AI generated Video Ads

Six minutes down. Coffee is cooling down, so it’s time to hurry!

Step 4: Fine-tuning

Next, I selected the four best options and did some fine-tuning to get a better result.

Some texts sounded a bit too robotic:

“Real Stories, Real Relief. Your Journey to Recovery.”

So I changed it to: “What people are saying about Theragun Pro”

Other edits I made:

  • The AI shortened my testimonials. I copied and pasted the real testimonials again, as I wanted to use the actual words.
  • The background color and text on the last slide were white, so I changed them.

It took me six minutes to make similar edits for all four variations.

Step 5: The Result

Twelve minutes on the clock, and we're done!

Click here to watch the 8 video ads I generated

The endresult

The verdict

I'm impressed with the video ads I made in just Twelve minutes.

Sure, you need to tweak the colors and wording a bit for a perfect ad. But it can give me a 90% finished ad.

Our team will try to improve these areas so you can make video ads with even fewer edits.

Time to enjoy my coffee. It is still quite hot :)

Want to test the AI tool yourself?

Click here to create your own AI video Ads

Happy advertising :)

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