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How to add Feedback Company review stars to your Facebook dynamic product ads

Create more trust and revenue from your Facebook dynamic product campaigns.

Statista states that an average of 88% of visitors abandon online shopping carts.

To remind visitors of the products left in their cart, many online stores use dynamic remarketing on Facebook (Dynamic Product Ads).

But are you convincing your visitors enough if you just re-show your products? Because most visitors who abandon their carts are left with questions:

Is this company reliable? Is it a decent product? What do other people think of it?

Your dynamic ads are not answering these questions, which is why you miss out on many sales opportunities.

Add reviews or testimonials to your Dynamic Ads and you will see:

👉 Your ads become more convincing
👉 Your CTR improves
👉 Your ROAS goes up

This article will show how you can automatically improve your catalog product images using Feedback Company's reviews and Adflow's software.

But first, allow me to explain what Dynamic Product Ads are and when you should use them.

What are dynamic product ads?

Dynamic product ads (DPA) let you automatically promote products on Facebook and Instagram. They retarget visitors who have visited your site but have not bought any products. You can also use them to find and attract new customers.


  • More personal: Facebook's algorithm can show products to your customers based on their interests and behavior
  • Good performance: The ad-type carousel is good for performance because the click goes straights to the product page where your customers can buy it.
  • Automatically generated: This saves a lot of time creating ads manually.


  • Bad looks: Facebook uses product images from your website, which often are not optimized for conversion.

Since the ads are generated by Facebook, it uses the image of your product from your website. Typically, these images are not optimized for Facebook ads.

When should you use dynamic product ads?

Dynamic Product ads are interesting for web shops that sell multiple products. We recommend using Dynamic ads if you:

  • Offer 50 or more products and don't want to make ads manually.
  • Inventory changes over time (availability, price, offers, or product range updates)
  • Want to use dynamic retargeting.

What you will make

In this tutorial, I am going to show you how to add reviews from Feedback Company to your Dynamic Product Ads.

There are two ways to add your reviews:

Option 1 - Add company review stars to your dynamic ads:

Option 2 - Add review quotes to your dynamic ads:

By the end of this tutorial, you should be able to put together dynamic ads that look something like the examples above.

Tools you will need:

👉 Feedback Company for collecting reviews
👉 Adflow
for making dynamic templates
👉 Facebook Business Manager
to set up the ads

Furthermore, you will need your Product feed URL, which is a link to an XML or CSV file containing your product data.

Let's get to it!

Step 1: Import your product feed to Adflow

Login to your Adflow account and connect your product feed. You can sign up here if you don't have an Adflow account yet. We offer a 14-day free trial.

Step 2: Enter your review data

Now it's time to enter your review data. First, you should enter your review score. Adflow uses this to generate yellow review stars.

Also, choose some positive company reviews and add them.

Step 3: Create a dynamic template

We will use a dynamic template to combine all your products with your reviews from Feedback Company.

Select "designs" and create a new dynamic template. You can start from scratch or select one of our templates.

Option 1 - Add company review stars to your dynamic ads:

If you only want to add review stars to your dynamic template, add the field "Company review stars". You can also design the template in the style of your company.

Option 2 - Add review quotes to your dynamic ads:

If you also wish to add review quotes to your catalog ads, add the dynamic field "random customer quote". Now Adflow randomly shows the review quotes added in step 2 next to all your products.

Step 4: Create a new product catalog

Let's create a new catalog in Adflow. In this new catalog, the default product images will be replaced with the nicer images you created in step 2.

First, navigate to Catalogs, add a new catalog and connect the template you created in step 3.

Activate your product catalog and connect it to Facebook.

Adflow has now applied your new overlay to all 2824 products. Every 24 hours, Adflow checks if you added or removed products on your webshop and automatically applies your new overlay to those products.

Now it's time to create ads with your new product catalog within the Facebook Business Manager.

Step 5: Set up your ads in the Facebook Business Manager

Check your new catalog in the Merchant Center:

Create a new campaign with the goal: Purchases from catalog:

Set up your ad and start advertising with reviews in your dynamic product ads.

Done! You added reviews or testimonials to your Dynamic Ads. You will see:

👉 Your ads become more convincing
👉 Your CTR improves
👉 Your ROAS goes up


Create 2 (or more) catalogs in Adflow with different designs and set up an A/B test on Facebook. This way, you can optimize your images with varying review templates and maximize the ROI from your Facebook ad budget. In this article, you can learn how to set up a catalog creative test.

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