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Who is for?

Whether you’re a freelancer or large agency, is for you if..


You're not an expert in Video Ad design

You are great at optimizing ad campaigns, but making killer ad creatives is not your specialty.


Your clients send poor creatives

When you ask your clients to provide ads, they usually send ones that won't work well.


You're stuck waiting for your (clients') designers

Making ad creatives is only one of 1,000 things your designer needs to do, and it's usually not their favorite.


You don't have the budget for a dedicated, internal ad designer

Hiring the right person is tough and costs a lot. You need a scalable solution that grows with your needs.


You can't get the quality you need with interns

Maybe you’ve tried interns, but they leave after 4 months, and then the learning process starts all over.


You know you need lots of high quality video ads, quickly

Ad creatives determine 50% to 70% of the success of your campaigns. The success of your agency depends on it.

How helps you

Get high-quality video ads, fast and easy⚡️

Our specialized ad designers create high-impact video ad templates for your clients.

Helping you to make new video ads faster and test more, without the high costs.

Create new ad variations in minutes✂️ 📋

Imagine creating new video ads for any client campaign with just a few clicks.

Say goodbye to waiting on designers for every small edit. The struggle to get great ads is over.

Run successful ads for your clients

Finally you can exceed expectations to your clients and scale your agency to the next stage of growth.

Generate extra income

Grow your agency by reselling our services to your customers and use your extra time to gain new once.

Frequently Asked Questions

Don’t worry if you have questions. We are here to help you solve them.

Can I try Adflow for free?

Yes you can! We have a 14 day free trial.

When does my trial start?

Your trial starts after you connected your payment method. So you can create an account and start playing around without losing trial time.

Why choose

The easy way to get better ads

Our unique combination of software and service results in the best of both worlds: high-quality video ads at a fraction of the cost.

No need to create new content

- uses existing content to create new ads.
- Get started in under 5 minutes
- Get better results & happy clients

Based on top-performing ads

We analyzed over 700+ ad creatives and use best practices to design your ad templates.

How it works

1. Set up your client's brands, once

After registration, simply set up your clients' brands with their colors, logos, and fonts.

2. Order your designed video ad templates

Use our quick 1 minute form to request new video ad templates. Describe the goal and upload content.

3. We create your video ad templates

Our ad designers use your client's product images, videos, reviews, and product pages to create new video ad templates.

All ad templates will be delivered in (story, square, and landscape) for best results.

4. Export your ads and boost performance

You'll get an email with the finished ads within two working days. Just export the ads from your account and boost your clients campaigns.

5. Export your ads and boost performance

We create custom animated video ad templates in three sizes (story, square, and landscape) within your account.

5. Need new creatives? Use your templates or order new ones

Greate new variations in minutes, or order a new template pack straight from your account.


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  • 10 exports per month
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3-pack video ads FREE 

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  • 1 brands
  • 10 exports per month
  • Add unlimited users
  • Connect your product feed
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3-pack video ads FREE 


  • 1 brands
    200 per month
  • Add unlimited users
  • Connect your product feed
  • Cancel any time
3-pack video ads FREE 


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  • 1 brand
  • 10 exports one time
  • Add unlimited users
  • Connect your product feed
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Get started

3-Pack Video Ads

Kickstart your Meta-campaigns – we’ll build 3 conversion-optimized video ads for your campaigns valued €165 for FREE. Just select a plan and share your assets with a short 1-minute brief. Leave the rest to us!

You will receive your videos within 2 working days in your account.

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Why should your client invest in ad creatives?


Consider this scenario: Your client spends €1,000 per month on ads and achieves a Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) of 3x. If your campaigns improve by just 15%* through using high-impact video ads, your client would see an additional €5,400 in revenue. That's approximately a 10X return on investment!

According to Meta 50% to 70% of your marketing performance is directly attributable to the quality of your creatives. Despite this significant impact, most marketers are not creative experts.

Investing in high-quality ad creatives is not just an option; it's a crucial for successful advertising. is the most easy and affordable way to do this.

Why should I start right now?


Your clients campaigns are currently losing money due to underperforming ad creatives. We are offering a special introductory deal, but it won't be available forever.

What if I’m not happy with my Video Ad templates?


Quick changes like text and colors can be easily done in the tool. You also get one revision round, just email us the changes you need. Still not happy with our services? All monthly plans are backed by a 14-day money-back guarantee. If you're not 100% happy with our service in the first 14-days, you can cancel and ask for a refund, period. We value your trust and partnership more than anything.

How do I know I will get high quality Video Ads?


You receive video ad templates based on proven campaigns. We’ve been in the ad business for 7 years and analyzed over 700+ top-performing ads. Brands like Carhartt and O'Neill trust us.

Can I try before paying?


Sure! You can go to and create a free account. After you sign up, you will get 10 free video exports. Do you want the introduction deal with the 3 pack of custom templates? Then choose a paid plan to get started.

What is a video ad template?


A video ad template is a ready to export video ad that can be changed easily in our tool. This helps you make small changes and create different versions easily.

Can I create and edit templates myself?


Yes, you can. We even have a complete ad library full of proven ads that you can easily use. Do you have internal designers in your team? You can invite them to join the tool and let them create templates for you.

What sizes can I export videos?


You can export video ads in Square (1:1) Story (9:16) and wide (16:9) formats.

What languages do you support?


Our ad designers can create video ads in English or Dutch. You can change the templates to any language you want after you get them.

What is a video export?


A video export is every video (mp4 file) you export in the tool. When you export videos in two sizes, you will be charged 2 exports.

What if my video export credits run out?


We will fill up your credits at the end of the month. Need more credits? Just upgrade your plan.

How long does it take to learn's tool?


If you want to make small tweaks or create ad variations, you can learn the tool really fast. Want to make your own templates? Some design experience would be in place.

How do I get the free designed template 3-pack?


It's simple, just pick a plan and start the subscription. Unsubscribe any time.

Still have questions? Email us at
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